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Winter Park’s Brewstillery is moving to downtown Orlando as part of the new Food Truck Park


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  • Photo courtesy Bear & Peacock / Facebook

A storage room in the Creative Village in downtown Orlando is set to become the location of a large new brewery and a food truck park that will open this fall.

Bear & Peacock Brewery and Winter Park Distilling Company, partners of the combined brewery / distillery / taproom brewstillery in Winter Park, will be relocating downtown for this project.

The site is currently planning to house both an expanded version of the brewery – which serves distilled spirits, craft beers, and groceries – and a food truck park / beer garden just a stone’s throw from the UCF downtown campus and Exploria Stadium are away.

“The new location … will allow our artisanal distillery and brewery to reach a much larger audience while remaining loyal and accessible to our existing fans,” said a lively Paul Twyford, co-founder of the Winter Park Distilling Company and co-founder of Bear and Peacock Brewery

The ambitious conversion of the over 15,500 square meter warehouse at 639 W. Robinson St. will be carried out in front of the city’s urban planning authority on April 20, according to Bungalower.

The city’s approval could be an academic point, however, as a February pre-screening gave the project a thumbs up and the brewery has confirmed that after nearly a decade, it will close the doors on its current winter park digs on April 25 of hurling foam and ghosts.

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Janet Smith