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When will the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Orlando open?


While Hell’s Kitchen might be a staple in Las Vegas, a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Orlando seems to be coming. The city of Schön may be the capital of the world’s theme parks, but it is becoming a culinary and entertainment destination. Watch out, Mickey and Harry, the fiery and talented Chef Ramsay, join the party.

In a recent report from Spectrum 13, Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips appears to be opening at Icon Park. The International Drive is always full of guests. In the shadow of The Wheel, this new restaurant will bring both tourists and locals to the table.

Although no official word was shared by the Gordon Ramsay restaurant group, Spectrum 13 revealed, “Permits filed with Orange County containing diagrams labeled” Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips ICON Park. “The same article assumes the restaurant will be completed in May.

This restaurant would join a busy area that is home to many popular eateries and attractions. From Madame Tussauds to The Wheel to the Aquarium, Icon Park offers a variety of activities. Adding another well-known restaurant to the mix would add to its popularity.

Ole Red, Blake Shelton’s restaurant concept, recently opened and was very well received. The restaurant and live music venue attract guests not only for their food and entertainment, but also for their celebrity connection.

Adding a Gordon Ramsay fish and chip to the Orlando area would be huge. While there are many Ramsay restaurants in Las Vegas, the Florida location would be a first. Given the busy tourist area, the restaurant is likely to become very popular.

For fans of the famous chef, this restaurant would be an opportunity to try some of his signature dishes. While the fiery chef wouldn’t be on the pass to hand out his iconic jokes, this sticky toffee pudding on the menu is his recipe and it’s worth every calorie.

Although the Ramsay restaurant group has not announced anything, many people will continue to wait for this statement. It could be the summer opening that many foodies crave.

What is your favorite restaurant for celebrity chefs? Would you make a special trip just for a Gordon Ramsay restaurant Orlando?


Janet Smith