What to Watch This Week: “High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Changed America” ​​on Netflix | Couchsurfing | Orlando


Premieres Wednesday: Baggio: The Divine Ponytail – The great Italian soccer player Roberto Baggio is the subject of a documentary profile that highlights his sometimes conflicting relationship with coaches. But I mean who are you going to fight? The other team? (Netflix)

Ghost Lab – Two young doctors who work in a Thai hospital make it their business to prove the existence of ghosts. Oh sure, but when Jack Kevorkian tried he was an asshole! (Netflix)

High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America – Get yourself a plate with this four-episode documentary series. And quickly before putting some white raisins in. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday: Blue Miracle – Dennis Quaid stars in this reality-based film, playing an ancient salt who tries to save a Mexican orphanage from bankruptcy by helping its residents participate in a major fishing tournament. Enjoy her confused look as he offers them all a sip of Rotgut and a hearty toast to “This is it to swim with bow-legged women”. (Netflix)

Eden – Two robots raise a human child as their own in a new anime series in which Tucker Carlson has 24 hours to find out why he’s offended! (Netflix)

Ragnarok – The Norwegian hit drama enters season two of updated Norse mythology, where the end of the world has less to do with frost giants and more to do with the very real prospect of Disney / Marvel sue everyone. (Netflix)

Rugrats – Though animation is now CGI, EG Daily is back as the voices of Tommy Pickles and Mark and Bob Mothersbaugh return the music as the popular ’90s series gets a fresh start. This is probably a bad time to mention that I always thought Chuckie should be a stand-in for Woody Allen, but it is what it is. (Paramount +)

Skull: The Mask – An obsessed piece of facial clothing forces its wearer to commit murder in a horror film purported to be a throwback to the practical implications of the 1980s. In other words, no budget! (Shudder)

Friday Premieres: Cruella – If you’d like a premium markup on your standard Disney + subscription, watch Emma Stone portray young Cruella de Vil from the comfort of her home instead of a theater. But only Regal can give you these comfortable seats covered with real puppy fur. (Disney +)

The Kominsky Method – Alan Arkin disappeared on the third and final season of the critically acclaimed Old Folks comedy, but Kathleen Turner has arrived to keep Michael Douglas company. You know, just like with Body Heat. Or was it Basic Instinct? Damn it, getting old really sucks. (Netflix)

Launchpad – A new series of short films that put marginalized communities in the spotlight, reveals the responsible side of the mouse house. Get ready to sing along with the show’s infectious theme song, “It’s a brutally oppressive world, isn’t it?” (Disney +)

Panic – Season 1 of this teen drama introduces us to the senior year of a Texas high school whose only chance to get out of town is to face stiff competition. In my old neighborhood, this game was called Who Can Go to Jail? (Amazon Prime)

Plan B – Two South Dakota girls road trip to their state’s only Planned Parenthood Center in a comedy close to something Amy Coney Barrett would find funny. (Hulu)

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give in – A week that started with soccer ends with soccer as documentary filmmaker Jason Ferguson sums up his father’s career as manager of Man United. Fun fact: The project had the working title “It wouldn’t have killed you to be home now and then”. (Paramount +)


Janet Smith