What life will be like in the NBA bubble in Orlando


Starting July 7, life in the NBA bubble will be governed by a 108-page Health and Safety Log Guide for 22 teams of players and team members – one written in a tiny Apple font size that is guaranteed to be size. The manual dictates the rules for anything and everything with the NBA’s return to the game.

What’s in the manual? What will life be like in the NBA bubble?

Here is a breakdown based on sources who spoke to NBC Sports about the rules and regulations, as well as reports from other media outlets.


• From July 7th to 9th, players will arrive at the Walt Disney World Complex in Orlando. The team arrivals are spread over three days to avoid traffic jams.

• Upon arrival, players will be quarantined in their hotel room until they have two negative coronavirus tests every 24 hours. After that, according to the manual, players are “regularly” tested, although this may be daily or nearby for much of the time in Orlando.

• In which hotels do the players play? Here is the breakdown.

Sources: NBA Teams Disney Hotels Based On Seeding:

-Grand Destino: Bucks, Lakers, Raptors, Clippers, Celtics, Nuggets, Jazz, Heat
-Grand Floridian: Thunder, 76s, missiles, pacemakers, outsiders, nets, grizzlies, magic
-Yacht Club: Blazers, Kings, Pelicans, Spurs, Suns, Wizards

– Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 16, 2020

The Grand Destino is considered to be the main player’s hotel. If a team with a lower starting value advances far enough, they may be asked to move from their hotel to the Grand Destino.

• Yes, the Orlando Magic must be staying at an Orlando hotel. Letting them go home would defeat the point of a bubble.

• Each player receives a “MagicBand” – a bracelet that serves as a room key and wallet throughout the hotel and Disney property. It is also used to check in players for testing.

• Players can also wear a “proximity alarm” that notifies the wearer if they are more than five seconds within six feet of someone else on the alarm. All team and league employees must wear these.

• Everyone must wear a face mask, except when eating, exercising or practicing, in their room, or when swimming or doing something more than three feet away from another person (lying by the pool and no one around) . .

• All dishes are prepared on-site by Disney chefs, and each team works with a “culinary team” who goes to great lengths to design a menu that meets each team’s nutritional needs. Players can have private chefs preparing meals off-site that can be brought into the players.

• According to a friend of this site, Keith Smith, Disney is open to creating a dining experience for players / teams or bringing this food to the bubble in some restaurants on Disney property but outside the bubble area.


• The hotels have a player-only lounge area (with TVs and game areas, including NBA 2K of course) as well as hairdressers, manicure and spa services and much more. There will also be movie screenings, some DJ sets, tickets to booray games, bowling (Chris Paul will be there every night) and other games like table tennis – but players are not allowed to play doubles. Seriously.

Per Walt Disney World Sources: Disney makes movies available to gamers and their families (once they join). This likely includes movies that haven’t been released to the general public, including Marvel’s Black Widow.

– Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) June 16, 2020

You have thought of everything. When NBA folks get together to play card games at Disney, the deck of cards must be thrown away when the game is over. “Sufficient
Card games are available to players on campus
and team members interested in playing, “wrote the NBA.

– Tim Reynolds (@ByTimReynolds) June 17, 2020

• There are pools in the hotels that are available to players. There are hiking and biking trails that can be used by the players.

• There will be golf, but no caddies. Doc Rivers has to carry its own clubs.

According to a Walt Disney World source, “We look forward to developing private experiences for NBA staff. This could include backstage tours of our parks and attractions. We will ensure that NBA staff are entertained while they are our guests.” are.”

– Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) June 17, 2020

• Players are encouraged to stay in the bubble. Arrangements for departure for important life events or emergencies – birth of a child, sick relative, wedding – can be made with the league, but the league must be informed and as far in advance as possible.

• While players are allowed to leave the campus / bubble, they will be faced with a quarantine of 10-14 days upon their return and will have to perform two negative tests. Also, the player is not paid for missed games.

• Any team member who breaks the rules of the bubble or leaves the bubble without prior approval will be removed and will not be able to return to the Disney campus. Teams cannot replace this person.

• Players and staff must sign a document stating that they comply with the rules of the bubble.

As per the NBA Health and Safety Protocols for Return: All players, team members and guests must confirm in writing that they will comply with all of them
Pre-arrival rules and league rules on campus.

– Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 17, 2020

• A hotline will be set up where players or employees can call and report a violation of the health and safety rules in the bladder. Add your own Chris Paul joke “His mask is not hidden” here (or like any clipper will call and say LeBron James is breaking the rules).


• If – or, to make it more practical, if – a player tests positive within the NBA bubble, they are immediately taken to a separate location called the “Isolation Enclosure”. The NBA is reviewing some rental homes outside of Disney’s property for use.

• The player is retested to ensure that this was not a false positive.

• The teams and the league monitor and test anyone who was in close proximity to this player between tests.

• The player can return to the bladder and his team after successive negative tests.

• In a memo to the teams, they were told that games should not be interrupted due to a positive test and that they should be prepared for it. The exact quote is: “The occurrence of a small or otherwise expected number of COVID-19 cases does not require a decision to suspend or cancel the restart of the season.” (Observe what happens when a team has multiple positive tests affecting key rotation players.)


Games within the NBA bubble take place in one of three facilities:
• The HP Field House will be the primary playing field and is ready to ship.
• There will be a game broadcasting area in the arena as well as some auxiliary practice areas.
• The Visa Center has a court that can be used to broadcast games. However, this will primarily be a practice facility.
• All three areas have modern locker rooms and weight and exercise areas (although these are not as nice as the teams in their home arenas).

• There are approximately four hours between games, allowing time for a complete clean-up of the field and time for teams to perform their standard pre-game pre-game warm-ups.

• There are approximately 5-7 games per day during the seeding rounds. Some games don’t start until 10-10: 30am Eastern (7:30 am on the West Coast, a standard start time for the Lakers, Clippers). and trail blazer).

NBA players’ game day schedule in the Orlando bubble for the 2019-20 season resumption, as received by @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium:

– Shams Charania (@ShamsCharania) June 16, 2020

• Benches in the games have two rows, just like a regular NBA game. The players and coaches on the front bench are not required to wear masks (although this is recommended for coaches), but the coaches and coaches in the second row of the bench are required to wear masks.


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