Tyler Herros regression from the Orlando Bubble is pretty insane


Let’s face it for a minute – Tyler Herro’s 2020-21 NBA season was rather disappointing. This is of course taken lightly. The Miami Heat sniper was in quite a slump in his sophomore year and a deep jump into his postseason numbers paints the whole picture.

Do not you believe me? Well, see for yourself:

Tyler Herro in the bubble:
16.3 PPG
3.7 APG
45.2 FG%
37.6 3P%

Tyler Herro these playoffs:
7.7 PPG
1.7 AST
28.0 FG%
33.3 3P%

– StatMuse (@statmuse) May 28, 2021

According to StatMuse, the difference between the 21-year-old’s numbers from last year’s playoffs in the Orlando Bubble and his first three games of this year’s postseason was pretty big. Herro was one of the hottest rookies (if not the hottest) on the bubble and thrived under the bright lights of the playoffs. The Milwaukee native averaged 16.3 points per game while shooting 45.2% from the field and 37.6% from the depth.

This season Herro has fallen back to earth. In three games and three losses to the Milwaukee Bucks, the shooter was virtually invisible to Miami in the sophomore year. He didn’t provide the much needed firepower from the bench and basically shot duds game after game. Herro now averages just 7.7 points per game on 28% field goal kicks, which was pretty detrimental to the reigning Eastern Conference champions.

It can be argued that the youngster was a good barometer of the heat’s success, especially when it comes to the postseason. Last year Herro was just fantastic and his fearlessness was the key to the heat, beating all odds and climbing to the NBA final against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Unfortunately, this season Herro has lost his cape and Miami is only 48 minutes away from the 2021 playoff race.


Janet Smith