TSA agents find “freshly slaughtered” pig in a box at Orlando International Airport – WFTV


ORLANDO, Fla. – Transportation Security Administration agents found what they referred to as a “freshly slaughtered” pig in a crate that was checked in for travel at Orlando International Airport on Wednesday.

According to the TSA, the box was presented to agents after it was checked in by a passenger to be flown to Miami en route to San Francisco.

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As the officers walked the box through their explosives detection equipment, they noticed, according to the TSA, that blood was oozing from it. Then they opened the box and made the grizzly discovery.

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While the TSA says pigs – dead or alive – cleared for explosives or other threats can actually fly, the blood not contained was “a potential health problem.”

According to a spokesman for the TSA’s Southeast Regional Office, the box was returned to the airline to see if they would accept it for transportation … The airline refused.


Janet Smith