Trump returns to the political stage of the CPAC in Orlando


ORLANDO, Florida – Former President Donald Trump is set to re-enter the political arena in Orlando.

The former president is expected to speak at CPAC on Sunday afternoon after a weekend of speeches from GOP leaders. Trump’s speech is eagerly awaited – his first since he left the White House.

Many supporters look forward to Trump’s return to the political arena after taking a month off.

Before his arrival in Orlando, it looks more and more like a rally outside the CPAC. Some people are unhappy that the former president is returning to speak for the Republican Party in hopes that he will step down after a difficult final year in office. Others are excited to see how he drives the party.

Roger Stone will also stand by the supporters this weekend. After Stone is convicted of false testimony, obstruction, and witness manipulation, Stone is ready to hear what the man who pardoned him will say to the Conservative crowd.

“Well, from what I hear, he’s going to be delivering an uplifting, visionary speech on how conservatives, free thinkers, Republicans, and libertarians can take America back.” I want to hear that and I think he’ll talk about that, ”Stone said.

It is unknown what the former president will be talking about this afternoon, but towards the end of his term in office, Trump often focused on the latest election results. This is an issue that many CPAC spokesmen have largely avoided so far.

Many are hoping to stand out on the political stage, and conservative eyes are already looking to the 2024 elections. Among the many who have spoken, are former presidential favorites and veterans of the Trump administration like former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“For the past few months we’ve been called clowns, deplorable and ignorant rednecks, the evil resistance. The New York Times says I’m the worst foreign secretary ever,” said Pompeo.

Several Florida lawmakers also took to the scene this weekend. Governor Ron DeSantis, Rep. Matt Gaetz and Senator Rick Scott spoke on Friday.

Senator Marco Rubio was absent on Saturday for family reasons.

Former President Trump’s speech is due to begin at 3:45 p.m.


Janet Smith