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Travelers come to Orlando for a busy weekend getaway


ORLANDO, Florida – While some families sit back and enjoy the long holiday weekend, many Americans are packing cars and boarding flights across the country to travel over Memorial Day.

At Orlando International Airport, the terminals are full as leisure travelers go through security. Sunday is slated to become the second busiest day of the holiday weekend, with more than 64,000 people departing.

Memorial Day weekend is often very busy for travel in Orlando and across the country. Travel experts say at this point in the pandemic, more and more people are choosing central Florida to visit.

The Sunshine State was a travel destination for many Americans in the past year of the pandemic, with many restaurants remaining open and beaches where families were social distant.

Dr. Alan Fyall, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management and Endowed Chair of Tourism Markets at Visit Orlando, said over the past two to three months the number of visitors traveling to central Florida has increased sharply. some are looking to vacation while others are coming for weddings because of the spread of COVID-19.

Earlier this week, the US reached a major milestone as more than 50 percent of adults are now considered fully vaccinated. Fyall said it is the people who feel safe after being fully vaccinated that make this holiday weekend so busy for the weekend.

Security is busy with a steady stream of travelers coming through @MCO early Sunday morning. Many people are expected to visit Central Florida this Memorial Day weekend, the Orlando area is a destination for many in the pandemic @ MyNews13

– Rachael Krause (@RKrause_News) May 30, 2021

“There was no travel around this time last year so everything is an improvement. But I think the main players in this area, the theme parks, a lot of the hotels, in the last eight or nine months that they have been open, have done an extremely good job, cleaning up and doing all the logs. I think it’s partly the weather, but I think people trust the main players here, they are safe and they will come and have a good time, ”said Fyall.

Fyall said they forecast a busy summer for the region’s economy here in central Florida, and that depends on more Americans getting their chance, too.

“It is due to the vaccinations that the vaccination rate is 50 percent. The time is just right for these things, and Central Florida is certainly a little ahead of the curve. You, the city and county, have done a good job of keeping this area in particular tourism-friendly, “said Fyall.

But not everyone will opt for a trip to the sunshine state, instead Fyall said watching other coastal communities across the country, as well as national and state parks, which have plenty of space to safely enjoy the outdoors.

And while the flight routes that are still taking place remain pretty busy, Fyall said many families are expected to skip the airport trip entirely and head to vacation destinations this summer for another layer of security.


Janet Smith