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Tiger Woods brings new golf concept to Orlando


A new golf experience is coming to Orlando.

The great golfer Tiger Woods and his business partner Greg Bartoli are improving the putt-putt game of golf. They open up Popstroke here in Orlando.

“Popstroke is a very fun and engaging modernized mini-golf family entertainment center,” said Greg Bartoli.

Popstroke is being built on the Alafaya Trail in Waterford Town Center. Of course, the concept revolves around golf – 36 holes designed by Woods and his team.

“We have a more challenging course that Tiger designed for experienced golfers. And we have a beginner’s course that you know, kids and people who may have just gotten used to the game of golf,” said Bartoli.

There will be electronic leaderboards so you can keep an eye on your score. Popstroke also has a fully stocked restaurant and bar for you to sit and eat. Or you can have your food and cocktails.

“So with the Popstroke app, you can have your property or food or drink anywhere and we know exactly where you are,” said Bartoli.

He tells FOX 35 News that he and Woods designed this concept to be fun for all ages. Popstroke will also have an outdoor play area and playground. The sugar above is 24 flavors of fancy ice cream.

“You know, we’re a place where 68-year-old seniors have just as much fun on date nights as 12-year-olds. A place 25-year-olds really have fun on date nights cocktails and enjoy the interactive gaming experience,” said Bartoli .

The Waterford Lakes Popstroke will be the company’s third location in Florida. Each place has its own courses.

Bartoli tells FOX 35 News that they already have a second location in Orlando in mind and that central Florida will eventually have three popstroke locations.

Popstroke expects to hit Orlando sometime in June, and they hope to open in December or January.

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Janet Smith