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The world’s largest White Castle opens in Orlando, Florida


It’s a grand opening for a king.

The world’s largest freestanding White Castle officially opened on Monday in Orlando, Florida. This was the first time the chain had operated four Miami restaurants in the Sunshine State in the 1960s.

White Castle is back in Florida and bigger than ever.Courtesy White Castle

The newest White Castle is located in the Village at O-Town West and has 140 team members and managers. The almost 400 square meter restaurant offers space for 72 guests indoors and 56 people outdoors as well as two drive-through lanes with hospitality doors instead of traditional drive-through windows through which team members can reach their customers vehicles.

The restaurant will also have more frying pans than any other White Castle.

Sliders are ready for anyone who wants them.Courtesy White Castle

“You could say our Orlando Castle has been around for 100 years,” said Lisa Ingram, President and CEO of White Castle.

“We have been humble and honored with the warm welcome we have received so far from the Central Florida ward. At White Castle, our vision is to “feed the souls of Craver generations everywhere” and our mission is to create unforgettable moments every day. We can’t wait to meet our new neighbors, whether they are long-time Cravers or new to the castle. “

The joy of a craver!Courtesy White Castle

White Castle was founded in 1921 and is based in Columbus, Ohio. It owns and operates more than 360 restaurants in 13 states. The chain’s fans are known as Cravers.

On Tuesday, Orlando White Castle will begin its regular hours of operation between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. seven days a week, before finally remaining open 24 hours a day. Customers can order a maximum of 60 sliders per trip, although White Castle expects to improve this in the future and provide an online platform for orders.


Janet Smith