The Orlando protest focuses on rights violations in Ethiopia


ORLANDO, Florida – A group of protesters took to the streets in downtown Orlando on Friday to protest alleged war crimes in Ethiopia.

What you need to know

  • The rally in Orlando wants to draw attention to human rights violations in Ethiopia
  • Protesters marched from City Hall to the Orange County Courthouse
  • They call on the US government to hold Ethiopian, Eritrean leaders accountable

The nation’s government is under pressure to withdraw troops from the northern Tigray region amid reports of mass genocide and other attacks on human rights.

Dozens of protesters marched from City Hall to the Orange County Courthouse in their call to action.

“The people in Tigray were systematically and purposefully liberated from their land,” said organizer Heway Yimer.

Another organizer, Honey Kahssay, said: “Famine and rape have been used as weapons. We want the American government to hold Isaias Afewerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali accountable.”

Kahssay was referring to the President of Eritrea and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the situation in Tigray was unacceptable and called for an independent investigation and humanitarian access to the region.


Janet Smith