The Orlando police pays homage to the fallen Valencia officer


ORLANDO, Florida – Orlando Police mourn another police officer who died on duty nearly three years after being shot.

What you need to know

  • Valencia was shot dead during a stalemate in June 2018
  • Injuries left him in a coma and he was in rehabilitation
  • The funeral is expected to take place on March 24th

On Monday, the OPD announced the death of officer Kevin Valencia, who was shot dead in June 2018 by a man who was holding four young children hostage. This man killed the children and himself too.

“We will obviously support the family, Meghan, the children with everything we can,” said Orlando Rolón, Orlando Police Chief, on Tuesday.

Rolón said the loss of Valencia was tough for both the department and the family. To help the department and community be concerned, they have left a tribute outside OPD headquarters so that people can visit and honor Valencia’s memory.

“When these officers put on their uniforms and go to do their job, there is never any guarantee that they will be able to come home to their families,” said Rolón.

That loss now hangs heavy in the hearts of his family, especially his wife Meghan and their children Kale and Kolton.

“Destroyed,” said Rolón. “They are destroyed.”

The Orlando Police Department remembers the life and ministry of officer Kevin Valencia, who laid a wreath in his honor before the OPD.

Valencia died more than two years after being shot and seriously injured during an armed standoff in 2018. @ MyNews13

– Rachael Krause (@RKrause_News), March 16, 2021

After more than two years of struggle for recovery and monumental progress, Rolón said in the end that Valencia’s injuries were too severe for his body to overcome.

On Tuesday, the department laid a wreath in memory of the fallen officer and stood in line to once again honor Valencia and its sacrifice.

Valencia’s death is a devastating loss for the department and his family. Your brother in blue is gone now, but never forgotten.

“The most important thing for us right now is to honor Kevin in every possible way and to honor his sacrifice,” said Rolón. “As I said, he was and is a hero to us.”

Rolón said they will honor and celebrate the life of Officer Valencia at a memorial service scheduled for March 24 at the Orlando First Baptist Church. .


Janet Smith