The MLS Disciplinary Committee bans Orlando City’s Nani for two games


Orlando City SC star Nani has been suspended for two games and fined an undisclosed amount for unwanted physical contact with a referee, the MLS Disciplinary Committee said Friday.

The game was reviewed under MLS Disciplinary Committee Parameter # 3 where the referees saw an incident and did not issue a red card. According to parameter no.3, the MLS Disciplinary Commission either issues a one-time ban for incidents where PRO recognizes a VAR (Referee / Video Assistant Referee) error on the field and the commission is unanimous on the red card and a game. Disciplinary Committee issues a suspension of two or more games for incidents where the discipline warrants a suspension of at least two games.

The incident in question must, after the unanimous opinion of the committee, consist of all available evidence: a clear and unambiguous red card; and outrageous or repetitive behavior in nature and / or such that the MLS Disciplinary Committee must act to protect the safety of players or the integrity of the game; and / or clear and obvious simulation / embellishment.


Janet Smith