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The largest white castle in the world opened in Orlando, Florida


White lock sign against cloudy skyPhoto: Drew Angerer / Staff (Getty Images)

Texans like to admit that everything is bigger there, but Florida may be seriously gaining ground. Facility A: The world’s largest freestanding White Castle opened in Orlando on Monday May 3rd, but the line began to form the night before. Orlando Weekly reports that White Castle set up tents and barriers “to contain the queue that promised hours of waiting,” but the chaos continued to spread to the surrounding streets for at least a mile. And all of that traffic added up to one day of sales that broke all one-day sales records in the chain’s centuries-old history.

The overflow occurred despite the immense size of the site; The nearly 4,600 square meter hotel is located in the Village at O-Town West and can accommodate 72 guests indoors and 56 outdoors. today reports that it is also the chain’s first location in Florida since the 1960s when it operated four restaurants in Miami, which is lovely. A kind of homecoming with sliders.

“Our opening exceeded our wildest expectations, surpassing the previous record by over 15%,” said Jamie Richardson, Vice President of White Castle Orlando Sentinel. And while the chain didn’t share exact sales, Orlando Weekly reports that the opening surpassed the company’s last major opening: a White Castle in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2019. That location became the most successful White Castle throughout the company in the first year, so we’ll see how this one stacks (um, slips). If you’re curious about the grandeur of the new Orlando location, this is the one you can do Take a virtual tour.


Janet Smith