The family of those killed by law enforcement agencies speak up in Orlando


A memorial wall was erected in downtown Orlando to end racial injustice

Family members of loved ones killed by law enforcement officers erected a memorial wall in downtown Orlando to remember those who were lost. Activists urged an end to the racial injustice at Saturday’s event.

Activists erected a so-called “Wall of Injustice” in Orlando on Saturday, showing the faces of relatives who had been involved in deadly confrontations with police officers.

Sincere Pierce and AJ Crooms were seen in the downtown Orlando tent on Saturday: Two teenagers were killed in a police shootout in Brevard County last November. Her family members also spoke.

Only a few days earlier, prosecutors had decided not to file a criminal complaint against the MP involved in the Pierce, Crooms shooting.

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“When Sincere left here, it took my heart, it took everything from me,” said Cynthia Green, a member of the Pierce family, to FOX 35.

A family member of Crooms added, “I will deal with it for the rest of my life. So don’t think for a second that I agree with the decision that the officer will not be prosecuted for this.”

A parent of one of the victims said on Saturday: “The hardest feeling in the world is having to go to the cemetery to see your child.”

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Aston Mack, founder of the Orlando Freedom Fighters, also spoke on Saturday.

“Today was a reminder of those who lost loved ones to police brutality that the community remembers. You take care of it and we will stand by you while you find your voice and your courage to keep fighting” , he said.

The organizers are shifting their focus to changing the policy on the ground, saying they want to end qualified law enforcement immunity and reopen several cases they believe to be unjustified police killings.

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Mack told FOX 35 that efforts resumed after the world saw Derek Chauvin’s conviction in the murder of George Floyd.

“I think a little justice elsewhere can bring some justice here,” he said.

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