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The disco biscuits are heating up in Orlando

[The four photographs here are by Silky Shots, displayed on The Disco Biscuits’ Facebook page.]

OK, it was already over 90 degrees on both days when The Disco Biscuits at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando played the front yard, but the Philadelphia quintet pushed the thermometer up during the two-day run. The heating on Friday (March 26th) was the perfect companion for their fire on Thursday evening. The front yard is the new outdoor facility that allows the center to host great outdoor music in a safe and secure environment.

The disco biscuits 03.26.21. 📷: Silky shots

Set one opens with “Loose Change”, Jon “Barber” Gutwillig on vocals. During the medium-paced jam, Barber gave his wah-wah pedal a good workout. That led to a great piano by Aron Magner on “Freebis Slinky” and a great jam.

Half an hour later there was a short break before they started a 42-minute romp, starting with “Caterpillar”. Marc Brownstein sang and crushed the bass while Aron’s synthesizers danced everywhere! There was another great entry into “Spacebirdmatingcall” (unfinished) with Allen Aucoin who was great on drums. Brownie’s bass was huge while Aron played piano alongside great guitar work by Barber.

The hot jam that appeared was an inverted “Naeba”, Aucoin blazed while the clavinet and guitar raged. And then we went back to “Caterpillar” to finish the first set of dynamite.

The moon! – The disco biscuits 03.26.21. 📷: Silky shots

Set two opened with a very jazzy, piano-filled jam “Svengali” with a very trippy ending before kicking off on “The Very Moon,” the beginning of an uninterrupted hour of monster jams. It was really funky, the organ and clavinet spinning around as the jam turned into “Astronaut”. Brownie was deep in the funk here before the song turned into great latin jazz with Allen’s percussion and Aron’s piano backed up more great Barber guitar.

“Running Into the Night” came about and got very funky before more incredible guitar and piano highlighted “And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night”. Trippy synthesizer and Brownie on bass synthesizer blew up the jam before it got home to “Astronaut”.

After this breathtaking set, The Biscuits returned for an encore of “Kitchen Mitts” with a gentle piano and the best vocal harmonies of the night.

The Disco Biscuits gave us two great nights to kick off their spring tour. You have been warned: Pelham, Frederick, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Augusta NJ, and New Haven. These fresh cookies might taste good!

I: Small change> Freebis Slinky, Caterpillar> Spacebirdmatingcall (unfinished)> Naeba (inverted)> Caterpillar

II: Svenghali, The Very Moon> Astronaut> Running into the Night> And the ladies were the rest of the night (inverted)> Astronaut

E: kitchen gloves


Janet Smith