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The Disco Biscuits Dissertation: Orlando Thursday

[The five photographs here are by Silky Shots, displayed on The Disco Biscuits’ Facebook page.]

The Disco Biscuits have just finished the first night of their two-day run at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando on Thursday March 25th. Before we talk about the music, we need to cover a few topics, but let’s cut off on hunting first:

Set 1 – B + Set 2 – Ph. D.

Because DAMN. But seriously, here are some topics for further discussion.

ONE: The Dr. Phillips Center is fab, but please Get some trash bins.

TWO: We didn’t deserve this show. Central Florida where have you been We met more people from Denver, New York, and New Jersey than the home crew.

THREE: We definitely don’t deserve this encore. The vast majority of the crowd stood still until the band went back on stage. They played their asses and we answered in silence. I’m so old that I can remember when the fans showed appreciation for a very good job.

FOUR: The double chocolate peanut butter biscuit on the menu is the biggest biscuit in biscuit history.

FIVE: Why do I always underestimate the brilliance of Barber’s guitar playing?

On a really great evening in Orlando under mild skies, Aron Magner, Marc Brownstein, Allen Aucoin and Jon Gutwillig, aka Barber, took the stage at 7:41 a.m. Of course, “The Safety Dance” (men without hats) was the perfect start song for the band and many fans after a long break. It was a short, joyful way to get us all going again. “Bazaar Escape” was filled with jazzy piano and guitar, Barber and Aron back on vocals.

And to repeat it again: Barber is one of the greatest guitarists in the world. His jazz, jam, funk and trance dance solos are brilliant.

Barber – The Disco Biscuits 3/25/21. 📷: Silky shots

Then the boys … dug themselves deep. The sequence started with a heavy, funky “King of the World”, Aron on Clavinet (toys, among others). One big jam led to “Grass is Green”; The setlist states that it was “inverted”. w / humu fakeout. “As the jam progressed, Aron danced on his synthesizers while Barber chanted like crazy. Brownie and Allen were in complete lockstep all night. Everyone is such a joy to see and hear; he clearly signals when the jam is going to explode This long jam ended with “Mr. Don” whereupon they blew a fabulous “therapy” to close sentence one.

Allen Aucoin – The Disco Biscuits 25.03.21. 📷: Silky shots

That was a solid first sentence; We rate it B +. What would happen in the second sentence?

Quote by Derek Van Zile from a thread on the Biscuits Facebook page:

The second set was just steaming magma

Exactly in every detail. In the nanosecond they opened with “Helicopters”, we knew they were going to blow up this set. Took every three minutes to get to the jam and THEY WERE OUT! It lasted 12 minutes and there was a short pause; They would then jam through the next lesson, starting with “Munchkin Invasion”. Aron got amazing percussive sounds from the keyboards.

The disco biscuits 03.25.21. 📷: Silky shots

If there was a single moment of the evening, the jam would merge into the deepest, darkest and heaviest “orch theme” I have ever encountered. Brownie anchored this so deeply. Aron threw out pipe organ effects and great organs too. And when this developed into “I Feel Love”, the masterpiece by Giorgio Moroder with this European electronic disco (here no singing by Donna Summer). Incredible.

The jam gave way to “Tempest” full of great electric piano. It was very pop-jazzy cool with the electric piano and organ spinning when they returned to wrap up “Munchkin Invasion”. WOW

And unfortunately, the majority of the crowd stood around as if they deserved and expected an encore. In all fairness we didn’t, but we were lucky enough to get one anyway. “Shelby Rose” was spectacular and we even got a bonus “Home Again”.

Come on Central Florida! Let’s show it off tonight! People from out of town are already doing their part!

I: security dance, escape from the bazaar, king of the world> grass is green (inverted; with humus fake)> Mr. Don, therapy (1:05)

II: Helicopter, Munchkin Invasion> Orch Theme> I Feel Love> Storm> Munchkin Invasion (1:14)

E: Shelby Rose, back home (: 15)

The disco biscuits 03.25.21. 📷: Silky shots

The front yard at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is a beautiful outdoor facility created in response to the pandemic. Yes, your seats are in a quad pod, but you can walk to bars, grocery vendors, and restrooms. You have more space than in a normal seat. Most of the guests stood and danced. The stage is set up in front of the main facility, and on either side of the stage there are two large screens that project the show with great close-ups and very trippy effects.


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