Surprised the Ravens who traded Orlando Brown Jr. to Kansas City? Was it he too?


Much of the NFL world was shocked to find out that the Baltimore Ravens traded Orlando Brown Jr. for their top rival in the AFC: the Kansas City Chiefs. In his introductory press conference on Monday, Brown admitted that even he hadn’t expected to land in Kansas City.

“I was really surprised man, I was really surprised,” said Brown when asked if he would like to be traded on KC. “I didn’t see it coming. You know what I mean if you had asked me when I requested my trade where I would have been, I couldn’t have told you then, but I was very surprised. Be here and me just glad you took the step. I definitely think I’m the type that you want, the type that you need. ”

While the move made sense for the Chiefs and allowed Brown to realize his dream of being a full-time left winger in the NFL, the Ravens reportedly bolstered their biggest challenger in the conference by moving Brown to Kansas City. While Baltimore received a solid selection of draft picks in return, the Ravens didn’t beat the Chiefs in the Patrick Mahomes era and eventually must if they hope to hit a Super Bowl in the near future.

In addition to his surprise at his new destination, Brown discussed his mindset and emotional response when he received news that he was on his way and headed to Kansas City.

“It’s crazy,” said Brown. “I was in Norman, Oklahoma, Everest, in the interior, taking pass sets when my agent called me and he just said, ‘Are you ready to be boss?’ In all honesty, I was a bit overwhelmed and it was a bit difficult for me to get into a situation like this, which I think is the best in the league based on what I came from I said it was just so emotionally overwhelming and I’m just so happy, I’m so blessed to be here. ”


Janet Smith