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Study shows Orlando consumers are greedy for plant-based meats and dairy products


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Will Orlando become Plantlando for vegetarians, vegans, and other non-carnivores? According to Instacart’s newly published “Plant Power” report, the answer could be yes.

After Instacart figured out the numbers, Instacart found Orlando in the forefront as one of the fastest growing markets for buying plant-based meat and dairy substitutes.

Of course, West Coasters led the way when it came to buying most plant-based foods, but the South was booming. Orlando in particular saw purchases of plant-based meat products increase 22 percent and plant-based dairy substitutes by 8 percent this year through the app. Jacksonville and Southwestern Florida also turned out to be mini-plantasias.

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  • Infographic courtesy of Instacart

Also noteworthy about the results was that almond milk was the metaphorical “gateway drug” for opening people’s eyes to the wonders of plant-based foods, and Impossible Foods – which Publix had in store last year, and Laird Superfood directed that as the most popular brands.

The full Plant Power report is available on Instacart’s website.

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Janet Smith