Statistics: Orlando, Cancun’s Top Summer Travel Destinations


This year the Americans make up for lost time Alliance partner‘“Top 10 summer destinations“Review. After last summer’s vacation plans were largely canceled due to the pandemic, Americans are regaining confidence in 2021 and are planning trips Florida, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.

The travel insurance and assistance company analyzed more than 985,000 flight routes for trips between five and eight days between May 28 and September 7, and found this for the fifth time in a row Orlando, FL and Cancun, Mexico are the most popular national and international destinations for summer travel.

For the first time in poll history, four of the top ten domestic destinations are in Hawaii, including Maui (No. 2), Honolulu (No. 3), Kauai (No. 7) and the Large island (No. 8). Newbie Anchorage, AKInclusion in the top 10 domestic list (# 5) confirms America’s love of the great outdoors and open spaces will continue into 2021.

Internationally, Mexico appears three times in the top 10 list: Cancun (No. 1) is followed by San Jose del Cabo (No. 2) while Vallarta Harbor comes in ninth place. Other Caribbean destinations that complete the top 10 include: Aruba (No. 3), Puerto Rico (Number 4), US Virgin Islands (No. 5), Jamaica (No. 6), Turks and Caicos Islands (No. 7), Dominican republic (No. 8) and the Bahamas (No. 10).

Cancun, Mexico // Photo by Jonathan Ross / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

The pandemic has apparently also influenced Americans’ preference for length of travel, with many preferring longer short vacations over quick excursions. The alliance found that six in ten travelers (59 percent) take seven-night trips and just over a third (37 percent) choose six-night trips, compared to 2019 when four-night short breaks were the most popular choice (Jan. Percent). This leads to the trend “microcations”.

Whether on an international beach holiday or in a smaller metropolis (Seattle, Number 4; The Vegas, No. 6; BostonNo. 9; Miami, No. 10) it is important to understand and follow the rules and regulations for safe travel. The alliance suggests taking photos of vaccination cards and test results, saving them on your phone and making physical copies. Keep copies in different places and laminate one; In the case of a vaccination card, do not laminate the original as you may need to document future refresher shots on it.

Source: Allianz Partner

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