Shaq’s Orlando mega-mansion returns


This story was originally published on 9/20/2020; It has been updated to reflect new information.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Orlando, Florida mansion is back on the market! As the Orlando Business Journal reported in February, a deal to sell the property failed. Now, under a new agent, Benjamin Hillman of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, the 31,000-square-foot mansion has received a price cut and some changes to its interior.

The 12-bedroom home at 9927 Giffin Court, which has been and has been on the market for years, is currently listed for $ 16.5 million. That’s $ 3 million less than last year. It’s also more than $ 10 million less than the $ 28 million price tag in 2018. But Hillman not only voted back the price, but also developed a new sales strategy: removing Shaq from the house.

In an interview with, he explained the changes he had made to the house before listing it. “I watched this house for over three years and they all walked the same street as Shaq, Shaq, Shaq,” Hillman told the point of sale through previous agents. “But I want to take him out of the picture. I have requested all Shaq items that can be moved and moved, “he said. Specifically, his strategy is to” highlight the amenities, location, and lakefront so I can educate a new buyer who doesn’t just want Shaq’s house to buy – but wants to buy a beautiful house in an exclusive community. “

Shaq, who bought the house in 1993, had the “S” monogram in several areas including the master bedroom. Other memorabilia honoring his all-star career were also included in the house.

After removing these elements, Hillman made further stylistic changes. The lights were changed, the walls were repainted, 11 rooms were newly staged and some furniture was replaced with newer ones.

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He told he had already received offers. “It’s hot,” he said of the level of interest. The domain for where the previous listing lived has been removed. However, you can check out the new list here to see more photos of the new 9927 Giffin Court. Below we have taken some “before” pictures of the villa.

O’Neal’s former 6,000 square foot basketball court:


O’Neal’s former showroom style garage with 17+ cars:

Shaq Orlando Villa for Sale


O’Neal’s former home office:

Shaq Home Office


O’Neal’s former cigar lounge:

Shaq cigar lounge


O’Neal’s former master bedroom:

Shaq master bedroom


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