REEF robots come to Orlando


MIAMI, Florida – It’s a story Central Floridians will only see on Spectrum News 13. We’re discovering the new way to have your next meal.

Get this … It’s a robot.

To bring you the sneakiest peaks we just got back from Miami where the technology is coming out and will soon be coming to our neighborhoods.

  1. Watch out for REEF robots. They are pretty cute and they are autonomous.

  2. Wait what Yes. The GPS-controlled robots transport food to take away. The food is loaded into the little ones on ships. The ships are similar to food truck parks in that the numbers are cooked with proximity in mind so you can get your food faster than anyone else.

  3. But where are these parks? They may not be in your usual food truck rooms. Instead, these ships use spaces like parking lots and beautify them.

  4. It’s an app-based delivery system, but if you run into the ships and want to eat now, just go up and scan and hang out on the picnic benches until your maggot arrives. (Yes, people do that part.)

  5. Miami has it all. Orlando is next. Then Tampa. A spokesperson says it will be a matter of a few weeks for City Beautiful to get the bots, and a month or two for the Bay Area.


Janet Smith