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PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) – The mother of a South Florida teenager who was killed in an attack in Orlando made a painful request to anyone with information about the crash to get in touch.

Speaking to 7News on Sunday, Vivian Blanco was devastated to learn that her son, 19-year-old Anthony Mejias, was fatally injured on his way home in central Florida earlier this month.

“My son’s life was everything to me,” she said. “I have to find out who killed my son and moved on because that’s wrong and that’s bad.”

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Mejias was found in the middle of an Orlando intersection on April 1.

The Pembroke Pines teenager traveled back to South Florida by bus from Lake Tallaha. He had a connection in Orlando, but his mother said he misplaced his phone and ID at some point along the way.

“So he was denied the connection back to Miami,” said Blanco.

Investigators said he was hit about a mile and a half from the bus station by a driver who had escaped from the scene.

When Blanco didn’t hear from him, she immediately started looking. She called the police in South Florida and the Orlando area.

On Wednesday, said Blanco, she received a nerve-wracking phone call from investigators.

“They called me and told me they found my son and they told me it was a hit and run,” she said.

Although Mejias’ body was found a few days earlier, FHP detectives said they could not identify him immediately because he did not have his ID.

“Little did we know that this person, who was not identified the night of the crash, was someone’s son they were desperately looking for and a missing person,” said FHP Lt. Kim Montes.

Blanco said she wished there had been better communication between Orlando law enforcement so that she would have known earlier what happened to her son, but now her focus is on finding the driver responsible.

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