Orlando’s Park Lake / Highland is one of the best neighborhoods in the United States


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  • Photo via acroyogafoodie / Instagram

Park Lake / Highland was named one of the best neighborhoods in the US in a new list by Review Aggregator Niche.

The Orlando residential area is home to historic homes, two lakes, and a link to the major Orlando Urban Trail bike path. It ranks high in niche metrics for nightlife, family-friendliness, diversity, schools, and housing. The neighborhood adjacent to Mills 50 gave the neighborhood the highest score in the nightlife category. Taken together, it was good enough for the neighborhood to get into the U.S. top 100 and ranked 97th. The neighborhood was also rated the best in the city of Orlando.

It’s not the first time the affluent outpost has made this list, and Niche often rates the area as the best in Orlando. The remaining top 5 niches are Thornton Park, Downtown, Delaney Park, and Audubon Park. In niche, Orlando is overall the 67th best city to live in in the US in 2021. Niche ranks 32nd on the list of places to live for young professionals.

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Janet Smith