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Orlando will make it simpler for meals vans to park downtown


Starting early next month, food trucks will be allowed to park in downtown Orlando, including at several metering points near Heritage Square, Gertrude’s Walk and the Sperry Fountain on Central Boulevard.

Orlando City Council unanimously approved the proposal on Monday that up to 11 trucks could be parked on downtown streets. Before the implementation of the guideline, which is due to come into force on May 3, the operators of food trucks had to obtain a special event permit.

Now, food truckers will occupy three spaces on the south side of West Jefferson Street at Gertrude’s Walk Hub, four spaces on the southeast corner of Heritage Square on East Central Boulevard, and four spaces on the north side of East Central Boulevard near Lake Eola Park Sperry fountain.

So you’ve got plenty to eat, from pizza to laden cheese fries to drunk overflow on your passenger’s car, as the city’s new carpooling centers, through a partnership with Uber and Lyft, will be starting around the same time.

The partnership refers to zones in which (usually very drunk) inner-city residents are instructed to take trips between midnight and 3 a.m.

It finally seems like our drunken nibbles have aligned.

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Janet Smith