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Orlando Weekly’s Chew30 occasion will happen in July 2020!


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  • Photo by Rob Bartlett

  • Maxine is shining in a less socially distant past

Bite30, the citywide promotion of more than 30 local restaurants serving $ 30 three-course meals for 30 days, has been postponed from July 15 to August 15. 16, 2020.

The promotion, which usually runs throughout the month of June, has been canceled due to health concerns about the coronavirus and uncertainty about restaurants’ ability to serve dine-in customers. When restaurants reopen, many ask for Bite30, which drives customers into their facilities. However, a lack of resources, lost sponsorships and planning conflicts, which were also caused by the outbreak, made rescheduling unlikely. As of this week, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, a longtime sponsor of the promotion, has confirmed its support, and ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, a Florida-based family business, has signed on as a brand new presentation sponsor to support local restaurants, the local economy and local consumers it to get back to everyday life in central Florida.

Food blogger Lisa Wilk of, a wine educator and founder of Orlando Uncorked, understands the value of the event as both a consumer and part of the community that local restaurants need to support, especially now. “Year after year, Bite30 is a delicious way for Orlandoers to experience local restaurants and discover hidden gems. The restaurant community needs us now more than ever and I can’t wait to read the menus to find out which restaurants are on my list! ”

The restaurants’ three-course meals will be featured on while Orlando Weekly is launching an extensive marketing campaign to bring consumers to the site. There they can browse and compare menus that determine their dining choices. Restaurants with the widest variety and best value for their three-course price (always with a $ 30 discount) and those that change their menu year after year attract the most attendees. The aim is to offer guests more than just a foretaste, but a three-course experience with a full spectrum, from starters to desserts, that will keep them coming back all year round.

Kirt Earnhart, owner of Maxine’s on Shine, the popular eatery in downtown’s beautiful downtown Colonialtown South neighborhood, appreciates the encouragement of helping diners discover new places and giving them reasons to endorse their established favorites. It traditionally takes place at a slow time of the year and understands that this is an opportunity for restaurants. Participating in Bite30 is child’s play for him.

“Orlando Weekly does a really good job of getting a lot of people to speak. It’s a real chance for us to show what we do … (as it is) to come to a friend’s salon … to embrace the full range of epicurean passions in life! “says Earnhart. In 2019 Maxine’s offered a menu with six main courses to choose from. This variety of menu options made Maxines and other restaurants with similar options a favorite among the many foodies who like to” Bite30 “in groups.

In 2019, the event website drew 175,000 visitors, which gives an indication of how many guests are participating in the promotion. The economic boom for local restaurants runs into the millions in what is usually what may be the worst months of the year. Graham Jarrett, founder of Bite30 and editor of Orlando Weekly, who produced the event, recalls: “The promotion began more than a decade ago as Orlando Restaurant Week. We started during the Great Recession to get traffic back to difficult restaurants. As we strive to cancel Bite30 in just a few weeks after COVID-19, we will not lose the similarities at this time. Orlando Weekly has always had a special relationship with the restaurant community. As we are regrouping after this disruption, it is appropriate that our first promotion and event promote local restaurant support. ”

Last year’s event included well over the “30” restaurants referred to in “Bite30”. They stretch from Mount Dora and Sanford to Winter Park and downtown to I-Drive and Lake Nona residents no matter where they live.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure we’d make it this year. I am so grateful to Tito’s and ABC and the many restaurants that serve our community, and I am delighted that we can do this for the city after so many tough months. Bite30 is about more than good food – it’s about the city coming together and friends coming back together. And there’s just no better way to do this than around the table, ”Jarrett said.

For more information about Bite30 or to apply to be a participating restaurant or sponsor, please visit


Janet Smith