Orlando Soria shares his tips for painting a dark room


When it comes to decorating your space there are times when your instincts tend to lead the way. Often times, the end result is flawless. In other cases, following your instincts can lead to design desperation. Interior designer Orlando Soria recently shared an interior design instinct that can make your space drab. That instinct is to paint a dark room white or some other very light color.

“Hot tip! Sometimes instinct tells you to paint a dark room white to make it look brighter. THIS INSTINCT IS WRONG !!! (Swipe to see why). Wrote in his Instagram caption.

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For those who might have thought of brightening up a dark room with a white swatch, Soria offered a few other options.

“LEAN IN and paint it a sultry, saturated color (pictured here: @farrowandball” Hague Blue “). This will add an intentionally romantic feel to your space. Brighten it up with ivory, warm woods, woven textures, and soothing neutrals,” he went on.

It was only last year when Soria came up with his new show Build Me Up! Returned to HGTV. With his latest HGTV series, the interior designer is helping homeowners transition through big life changes by giving them a fresh start in the design of their home.

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