Orlando Police at the moment are investigating the crash as a DUI


ORLANDO, Florida – Two police officers were injured in an Orlando accident early Thursday that is currently being viewed as a DUI investigation.

According to the police, the wrong-way driver collided with the police on Princeton Street between John Young Parkway and Texas Avenue.

Another driver was also injured in the accident shortly before 5 a.m.

All three were rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center with serious, non-life threatening injuries.

Police Chief Orlando Rolon says Officer Conrad Barrios has had ankle surgery while Officer Nicholas Vandersluis is in need of hip replacement, but both cops are in good spirits.

“One of the officers has absolutely no memory of what happened. I mean, that’s how heavy the impact was,” said Rolon. “The other officer at least had the ability to tell that a car was coming into town.” wrong direction and called it out on the radio. “

The officers were in an unmarked vehicle when they were hit. Police say a marked police cruiser wasn’t too far behind them so the officer could provide assistance until the rescue arrived.

Princeton Street is open again

The crash is being investigated further. The wrong-way driver’s name has not yet been published.


Janet Smith