Orlando, OUC Install 100 new EV charging stations in the city


ORLANDO, Florida – Electric vehicle owners now have many more options to recharge.

Orlando city officials and the Orlando Utilities Commission unveiled a new network of charging stations across the city on Thursday, just as the von Biden government is making huge efforts to attract more drivers to electric cars.

What you need to know

  • Orlando, OUC, is increasing EV charging stations in more than 30 locations
  • The city is striving to increase emission-free traffic
  • The efforts are in line with Biden’s management plan to expand the use of electric vehicles
  • Local drivers say electric vehicles are also more economical

Over 30 locations across the city – including parks, community and senior centers, parking garages and other public places – are locations for 100 of these newly installed charging stations.

The aim is to increase emission-free transport, which is also an aim of the Biden administration.

For Isaias Vazquez, it’s all about mileage.

“Gasoline prices keep going up, so I wanted to save some money on fuel on all the trips I do,” said Vazquez.

He covers about 400 miles every week and bought an electric Tesla in October.

“I needed something more economical,” said Vazquez.

He can charge the car at home or spend a few minutes at a Tesla charging station like the one he visited in the winter garden.

While Vazquez was charging his battery, several other Tesla drivers were doing the same.

Biden administration officials are encouraging millions of others to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle known as electric vehicles.

In his $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan, Biden earmarked $ 174 billion to reduce the cost of electric vehicles by offering tax credits, discounts, and other incentives to drivers, businesses, and governments. His plan calls for 500,000 electric vehicle chargers over the next decade.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said electric vehicles have several advantages.

“They’re removing pollution from the exhaust pipe, which lowers our air quality,” said Dyer. “It reduces the CO2 emissions that can contribute to climate change.”

Electric vehicles are also good for accelerating economic development with more green jobs, Dyer said.

For Vazquez, more charging stations will make electric vehicle ownership more convenient. He said he saw a future where the majority of drivers would charge instead of refueling.

“It will be difficult for people to switch, but I think at some point people will see that electric vehicles are the way to go,” said Vazquez.

Although there are more chargers in central Florida, the area still needs a lot more, Vazquez said.


Janet Smith