Orlando once more took third place in a vegetarian-friendly ambiance


WalletHub, the relentless list-building website loved by last-minute blog posters around the world, has just ranked Orlando as the 3rd best city for vegetarians and vegans in the United States.

The list, based on a 2019 Harris survey paid for by the Vegetarian Resource Group, ranked cities in the following categories:

  • Affordability – Grocery cost, number of highly rated restaurants, average meal cost.
  • Diversity / Accessibility / Quality – Percentage of veg-friendly restaurants, farmers’ markets and CSA programs, juice and smoothie bars, salad shops and community gardens.
  • Vegetarian lifestyle – percentage of people who order vegetarians above the national average, consumption of vegetables and fruits, number of meetups and festivals.

Orlando is best placed in percentage of restaurants with vegan options and salad shops per capita.

New York took first place on the WalletHub list and Portland came second in 2016, this time we were topped with beets by Portland and Los Angeles.

click HERE to see who is still in the top 10.


Janet Smith