Orlando Nightclub Offers “Shot for Shot” To Promote COVID-19 Vaccines For Young Adults – WFTV


ORLANDO, Florida – An Orlando nightclub is home to a vaccination center to protect hospitality and live entertainment staff.

The “Shot for Shot” event is aimed in particular at young adults, an age group that has not yet taken the chance to be vaccinated.

Indeed, an Orange County commissioner suggested whether a “shot for shot” event could help vaccinate more younger adults a few weeks ago.

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Monday is exactly what will happen.

Due to Governor Ron DeSantis “Seniors First” policy, visits to vaccination sites have been dominated by older adults.

That changed this week when the state opened to residents aged 18 and over. But there hasn’t been much of a change, as some health officials would have liked to see.

As the supply increased in Seminole and other counties, they had open appointments on Friday and throughout the weekend.

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Some in the hospitality and live entertainment industries fear that this low adoption rate among younger people is leaving their workers and the industry vulnerable to the continued spread of COVID-19.

State data shows that 16- to 34-year-olds were responsible for the largest increase in cases in the past month.

Infectious disease experts want to remind them that even if they get COVID-19 and don’t get sick, they are still giving the virus more opportunities to mutate.

There is already much evidence that the currently dominant COVID-19 strain B-1-17 in the US is causing more severe illness, hospitalization, and death in younger people than the original strain.

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The vaccines may also be less effective against other strains.

Anyone eligible for a vaccine and also looking for a free drinks menu can visit The Beacham on Monday from 4pm.

Click here for more information and how to register.


Janet Smith