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Orlando Meals Journey: The town’s wildest mixture dishes


A brand new range of culinary curiosities, unique finds and hidden gems. Our restaurant reviewer travels to the bizarre, healthy, spirited, “who knew” and just plain cool and delicious.

Roberto GonzalezMenagerie Eatery & Bar

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VINIA wine bar

Hannibal Platz, Winter Park
A varied and complex menu and drink menu includes lively combinations of gin-roasted shrimp and strawberry gazpacho. and ceviche and seaweed salad tacos (below).

Menagerie Eatery & Bar

South Eola Drive, downtown Orlando
Sometimes eating is just a challenge. The State Fair Burger (brisket, short rib, and chuck burger, plus fried chicken chop, onion rings, and coleslaw) is one such challenge.

Arms restaurant

Winter park in the city center
We all know the definition of pizza … or do we? Braccia’s Romeo and Juliet pizza (white cheese and guava syrup) and Serenata de Amor chocolate pizza can change your mind.

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Janet Smith