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Orlando Meals Journey: Spotlights 2019


A brand new range of culinary curiosities, unique finds and hidden gems. Our restaurant reviewer travels to the bizarre, healthy, spirited, “who knew” and just plain cool and delicious.

Roberto GonzalezLotte Plaza Market

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Lotte Plaza market

West Colonial Drive, Orlando
The huge local branch of this much-vaunted national chain (12 stores in three states) opened in January and offers a seemingly endless selection of international staples from Southeast Asia, Japan, China and India. Wandering the corridors of this former location in Winn-Dixie is the definition of food adventures. Unexplored fresh fish, exotic Asian vegetables (including the infamous fresh durian) and a universe of imported packaged foods are found at every turn. But the real surprise is the food court style stalls – freshly made photo; Joen Korean Hotpot, Galbi Beef and seafood Bimbimbap; Seoul Soon and tofu kimbap Sushi rolls; Sushi and dumplings from Orlando’s Izziban; and local Vietnamese baker Bread & Co for oven-fresh French baguette, Vietnamese sweet rice fritters and Japanese green tea Fewer steamed cakes. In the fall: Taglish Filipino-American Fare. The prices are remarkably reasonable … must have the advantage of having a market for produce, meat and fish just steps away.

World food wagon


On the site of the US visitor flea market 192, this permanent food park has grown since 2014 and is now home to more than 50 trucks (more are on the way) across from Old Town and Fun Spot America. There is definitely a family feel here with rows of picnic tables, and the abundance of food means even the pickiest child will stop to admire the colorful trucks and try something new. Trucks of all shapes and sizes serve everything from Venezuelan burgers (Go Burger), Dominican crazy potatoes (Lady a Naqui) and doner kebab (Beirut Bistro) to Puerto Rican Roasted meat fried pork pieces (The fever of Creole taste) PR Alcapurria Plantain donuts (Chinchorrear is what there is), and locally roasted coffee (For flavors). Many rooms offer Spanish flavors and culture, which is very clear with Mario Fernandez Dominican chimi 809 (handmade empanadas) and at Viviana Torres’ Salsa queen and King master grill Truck (garlic prawns with mofongo and Puerto Rican tripleta sandwiches). Grab a Hawaiian shaving ice cream Freeze your brain or Spanish Gypsy arm Roulade cake Honey bread, Do a little flea market shopping and enjoy the live music in the evenings.

Sound to the table

The next time you eat out, admire the empty plate, the pre-food. Kim Sager Thrown by hand in Winter Park has made artisanal ceramics for Reyes Mezcaleria, Hunger Street Tacos, Proper & Wild, and Kadence. Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs uses bowls made in Virginia Cloud earth. Congaree & Penn of Jacksonville uses dishes made by Georgia artists Mollie Jenkins. The beauty lies in the art and if you love the dishes you can order your own.;;

(Courtesy The Baker’s Table)

The baker’s table

New Smyrna Beach
Chef Jaime Quintana, who was bred in Mexico City, and pastry expert Jeanette Quintana, trained by the Culinary Institute, opened the Baker’s Table in 2016, adding refreshing sophistication to refreshing restaurants in the beach town. The menu, which includes continental, Latin American, and downright American dishes, shows remarkable talent in the kitchen. If The Baker’s Table were in Orlando, they would be winning “Best of” awards across town. A deep braised duck leg is accompanied by one of the best mushroom risottos in Florida. pillow-like homemade gnocchi are topped with basil ricotta; Orange marinated prawn ceviche give the local Royal Reds a new appreciation. Breads for dinner and attractive lunch options are baked in the premises. It’s worth calling ahead to see if the remarkable schnitzel (chicken, veal, or pork) is on offer. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

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