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Orlando Meals Journey: 5 Sudden Desserts


A brand new range of culinary curiosities, unique finds and hidden gems. Our restaurant reviewer travels to the bizarre, healthy, spirited, “who knew” and just plain cool and delicious.

Mochi Dochi, Nona Lake

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Mochi Dochi

Lake Nona
Japanese donuts made from chewy Japanese rice flour, ring-shaped, fried and topped with purple yam
ube, Biscuit butter, churro flavors and more in the restaurant park of the Boxi shipping container.;

FrutaMix Mexican cuisine

Winter garden
Fresh fruit
paddle (Mexican popsicles), ice cream and tropical fruit salads with classic nacho, burrito and cake Menu.

Ice & Bites Café

On University Boulevard, west of UCF
Taiyaki Fish-shaped cakes filled with taro ice cream or fried chicken, hot cheeto rice cakes and the fantasy of espresso and gelato with cotton candy drown are just a few of the inventive goodies.

Saba bakes

Winter Springs
Mohsen Tehrani brings three generations of Iranian baking to Winter Springs, producing a variety of Iranian, Middle Eastern and French pastries. This is possibly the only place that mentions Persian puff pastry treats Zaban (“Tongue” for the shape), smeared with honey and rose water and lovely with tea; clover-shaped nokhodchi Chickpea flour, cardamom and pistachio biscuits; fried bamieh donuts soaked in sugar syrup; or soft latifeh Cookies filled with whipped cream.

Black cat Bakery products

Angela Smith’s Cottage Micro-Bakery is a new clerk at Audubon Park Market (she has been in business for less than four months) and specializes in wild yeast sourdough breads of exceptional complexity and flavor. Your sweet tooth is just as practiced, however, because Black Cat offers lovers such as orange and fennel shortbread, almond biscotti, fruit cakes and extra crumbly coffee cakes.

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