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Orlando Meals Financial institution for dismissed Walt Disney World solid at risk of being closed


In May, UNITE HERE Local 737, a union for performers, opened an Orlando food bank for sacked performers. Unfortunately, the food bank is now in danger of being closed due to a lack of food and financial support.

The Walt Disney Company has now laid off 32,000 cast members from Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Over 30,000 cast members are also on vacation.

News 13 spoke to Sharon Ryan, who worked at Cinderella Castle before she was on leave and has now been fired this month. Not only does Ryan volunteer with the grocery bank, he’s one of many in need.

“I started working at Disney twenty-five years ago,” said Ryan. “I had to make a résumé, what are you wearing there? That I’ve been somewhere for 25 years? “

UNITE HERE Local 737 trustee Sonja Flowers said of the layoffs: “When you started with 200 (people) it was a lot of work. We couldn’t believe how many there are, but now, at 1,200 (people) a week, it’s going on more and more. “

Union officials say their food bank has so few resources that they don’t know how much longer they can provide assistance. They expect at least another 1,200 cars in their weekly distribution this Saturday and are spending about $ 20,000 a week.

“It’s daunting,” said Flowers. “We need food.”

If you are interested in donating or volunteering at UNITE HERE Local 737, you can contact them at 407-851-0626. Their offices, where they distribute groceries every Saturday, are located at 1255 La Quinta Drive # 212 in Orlando.

The Walt Disney Company restored executive salaries in late August, when thousands of cast members were still on vacation.

We at WDWNT support these actors as much as possible. You can help too! Help raise funds for the cast in the pantry through direct donation through WDWNT.

In addition to Venmo, the donation-based organization also has an Amazon wish list – their account is: @castmemberpantry. Cast members can email Cast Member Pantry or contact them through their Facebook page to book a 15 minute shopping window.


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