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Orlando manufacturer One Fat Frog sets the industry standard for food truck solutions


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AAs the largest food truck manufacturer in the country, One Fat Frog started its business in the kitchen. A fat frog strives to help its customers grow through a passion for food on the go. For nearly two decades, the Florida-based company has prided itself on strong, trusting relationships with its customers. This established trust is built through years of listening to the customer’s needs. One Fat Frog responded by developing solutions that help a business succeed.

A Fat Frog food truck manufacturerConnie Baugher, President of One Fat Frog, describes the company as the oldest startup in the world. “We work as hard as we did on the first day and we are constantly wondering how we can do better today than yesterday.”

Baugher hasn’t always been in the food truck or food service equipment industry. She did her bachelor’s degree in English literature and became a teacher and then principal at a private school. However, Bauger’s family was in the electronics assembly and equipment business and encouraged them to join. “My family thought I had the work ethic for the business. When I was on maternity leave, I decided to sell some kitchen gadgets online. I realized I could sell to the people I love and invested more. ”Soon Baugher left her educational career to enter the hospitality industry.

Often asked where the name One Fat Frog comes from, she said, “It was 2am, I looked up and saw a big frog on TV. It made me laugh. I thought it was a fat frog.

The company started out small and sold online. The people in the food truck industry became more and more intrigued by Baugher’s work. “We started out as a restaurant equipment retailer with one room in Orlando, maybe 1,500 square feet total. Our customers are the reason why we have grown so much. “My husband met a customer and noticed that his floors needed repair. He offered to repair his floor, which resulted in us building him a new food truck! ”

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What sets One Fat Frog apart from other food truck manufacturers is that they were born in the kitchen. 16 years of business have allowed them to carry out mechanical work in brick and mortar. In addition, the company has installed and serviced thousands of equipment – hoods, walk-in coolers, commercial convection ovens, and more. They are proud members of the CFESA. “We build a complete industrial kitchen in a truck or trailer. Our team consists of experienced chefs who understand the importance of a well-designed kitchen that is both efficient and practical. ”

One Fat Frog recognized the importance of its mobile professional business in the hospitality industry over the past year. “Covid-19 has accelerated the industry’s understanding of food trucks. From ghost kitchens to changing locations, food trucks can be versatile. Our customers moved to different locations that were open for business. In addition, the commercial kitchen equipment in the food trucks is the same that you would have in a typical stationary location. New technologies and social media enable our operators to maximize the return on investment. With social media that lets customers know where their truck is and delivery via the most important delivery apps, you have a cost-effective recipe for success. “

Baugher announced that One Fat Frog has a diverse customer base.

“I love working with entrepreneurs because they represent the independent spirit that food trucks stand for.” Baugher emphasized that these independent owners show a place for the “run alone” independent food truck. “The mobile food industry is primarily family owned and operated. It gives them the freedom to test their concept in a market at a relatively low cost. Many of our customers are just opening their second and third trucks or are moving to a stationary facility. ”

Baugher’s creative marketing flair led her to get the One Fat Frog show on the streets. The company has partnered with Roger and Sons in New York City to bring a highly anticipated pizza truck to Metro New York. With input from veteran retailer Joe Cirone in collaboration with legendary Santo Bruno who is now the Chef / Consultant for One Fat Frog, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to launch or expand their brands. The truck is currently located in Manhattan and is available for demos by appointment.

Financing the purchase of a One Fat Frog Food Truck solution has been simplified with the Restaurant Revitalization Fund. This new funding program will soon give catering companies the opportunity to use funds to expand their growth. Investing in a food truck can help a company expand its brand and have multiple locations with a low cost of entry. “I encourage interested customers to examine the versatility of a food truck’s equipment and how it can be used for various menu needs and additions. “With a foundation in commercial kitchens and a startup mentality for innovation, One Fat Frog has grown to become the market leader in the mobile kitchen industry, offering unique solutions to modernize restaurants across the country.

For more information on One Fat Frog, visit their website or call (407) 480-3409. Virtual tours of food trucks are also available.


Janet Smith