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Orlando Charismatic Stars Start Girls Gone Veg Cooking Show


Ali Riley and Toni Pressley (Photo by Andy Mead / ISI Photos / Getty Images)

The Orlando Pride Backline is in good hands with Ali Riley and Toni Pressley. Both defenders had formidable careers that took them around the world and eventually ended up in Orlando, where their friendship began.

Ali and Toni have thwarted many attack attempts as part of Orlando’s line of defense, but the similarities between the two go well beyond their footballing skills. Upon Ali’s arrival in Orlando, they immediately recognized a shared passion for cooking and the creative opportunities it offered. Girls Gone Veg, their wildly entertaining vegan cooking show, witnessed this passion.

Toni has been a vegan since 2016. At this point, she was diving cold and headfirst into vegan food and recipes. Although she professed a learning curve, she immediately noticed a positive impact.

“I slept better, I leaned a lot, I was less sore,” she mused. “My muscles were better recovered and ready to work out the next day. I also generally feel lighter overall, even mentally. “

Ali was a little later for the game. She experimented with everything from no sugar to paleo when she thought, “How can I run faster, how can I be stronger, leaner and more powerful?” After receiving a health coaching certificate, she deepened her understanding of the “wellness properties” of food. And after meeting Toni, vegan food became a constant in her diet. She is now a self-proclaimed flexitarian, often eating vegan and occasionally enjoying meat, fish or eggs, etc.

Girls Gone Veg to start “made sense”

With so many excellent recipes between the two, Ali and Toni knew from the start that it was inevitable to create a cookbook together. After meeting former NFL star Brandon Marshall (his I AM ATHLETE channel would become the platform for her cooking show), her aspirations developed. It became clear that a cooking show was going to be a smart business move and an exciting new endeavor.

After meeting Brandon and understanding his brand, there was little doubt that I AM ATHLETE would be the perfect place to launch Girls Gone Veg. The support and capital that came with the platform, as well as the male allies it gained in the process, have been invaluable.

Girls Gone Veg goes way beyond a standard cooking show. There will be laughter, good conversation, a few cocktails, some excellent dance moves and, at the end, a delicious vegan meal to prepare at home. Ali and Toni manage to make vegan food not only feasible, but also pleasant.

I AM ATHLETE enables Ali and Toni to make the show their own, whether it’s playing the drums and singing or having meaningful conversations about social injustice. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have to search long for special guests.

“We have a lot of friends and teammates who are so interesting and we think they have great stories and important ideas to share with everyone,” said Toni. In addition, the podcast and the I AM ATHLETE brand helped us attract some really cool guests. “

Ali and Toni are inspirations in the field and many aspiring young athletes look up to them to see their strength, strength, power and sheer talent. And while soccer continues to be the dominant force in their lives, these women are eclectic, fascinating people whose talents and intrigues extend well beyond the soccer world.

Girls Gone Veg is the perfect opportunity for people to understand the whole person behind these athletes while being thoroughly entertained. So mark your calendars!

The episodes will go live on Fridays at 12 p.m. EST. Mix up a vegan cocktail and enjoy an exciting mix of storytelling, cooking and having fun laughing.


Janet Smith