Orlando Brown Jr. ‘Blessed and Grateful’ to land with Kansas City Chiefs


The Kansas City Chiefs have officially announced their blockbuster deal with the Baltimore Ravens and landed offensively against Orlando Brown Jr. in exchange for a package of draft picks. On Monday, Brown spoke to members of the Kansas City media for the first time as a member of the Chiefs and expressed his excitement about being in KC.

“I am so blessed and grateful to be here and to be part of this organization,” said Brown.

Brown was asked where he was when he received news that he was being traded to Kansas City, and Brown admitted that he was overwhelmed with emotion at the time.

“I was in Norman doing pass-sets when my agent called me and asked if I was ready to be boss,” Brown said. “It was hard to get into a situation like this, which I think is the best in the league.”

The crown jewel of the Chiefs offensive is obviously quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Brown was asked if he wanted to protect from Baker Mayfield in Oklahoma, Lamar Jackson in Baltimore, and now Mahomes in Kansas City. Brown talked about the pros and cons of protecting mobile quarterbacks, but shared a simple mantra to keep Mahomes up and running:

“I look forward to keeping it clean,” said Brown. “He shouldn’t have to run around because of me. Period.”

Brett Veach, general manager of the chief, spoke about the blockbuster trade in a press release, sharing his excitement for Brown’s time in Kansas City.

“I am delighted that we have reached an agreement with the Ravens to acquire Orlando Brown, one of the best offensive tackles in the National Football League,” Veach said in the press release. “He’s a special kid for sure. This guy is a Pro Bowl player of enormous size, speed and strength. Not only is he physically talented, he’s also incredibly intelligent and fits well into our offensive line space. We look forward to seeing him in a chiefs uniform. ”


Janet Smith