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Orlando Bloom defended his healthy morning routine


“I was almost everyone’s running joke.”

Orlando Bloom shakes off all those funny comments about his morning routine after explaining what he eats for breakfast in a recent interview with the UK’s Sunday Times.

“Don’t start!” he said with a laugh on the British radio show The Chris Evans Breakfast Show With Sky. “I was the joke of almost everyone, between my groups of friends and families – if you read it out loud!”

In the article, Bloom said that he likes to “earn” breakfast, so he mostly works out in the mornings.

“I’m just going to have some green powders that I mix with brain octane oil, a collagen powder for my hair and nails, and some protein,” he said. Then I go for a hike while listening to some nirvana or stone temple pilots. “

When he has breakfast, he makes himself an oatmeal with “some hazelnut milk, cinnamon, vanilla paste, hazelnuts, goji berries, a vegan protein powder and a cup of PG tips [tea]. “

“I’m 90% plant-based, so maybe I only eat a really good piece of red meat once a month. Sometimes I look at a cow and think, this is the best thing ever,” said Bloom.

“At some point we will look back and will not be able to believe that we used to eat meat,” he continued. “Then I’ll shower and get dressed. I like to try. No training pants.”

Bloom’s interview went viral shortly after it was published, and his fans didn’t hesitate to share their comments on Twitter.

@ Wildeb33stPlays / Via Twitter: @ Wildeb33stPlays

While speaking on the radio show, Bloom said he didn’t take the backlash from his interview too seriously.

“I mean, I was asked what my porridge recipe was,” he said. “And by the way, vanilla in your mash will take it to the next level. Trust me.”

As for his recipe for brain octane oil, “that’s really just two teaspoons of sugar,” he revealed. “Don’t tell anyone.”

It’s great that Bloom found a routine that works for him – but in general, everyone should do whatever they can to make them feel good in the morning, which is always easy to remember.

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