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Orlando attorney John Morgan puts on a meat tracksuit and apologizes to Arby’s on Twitter


. @ Arbys, I apologize! Your food is delicious !! Thanks for the meat tracksuit!

And Mr. Brown, I know you’re the CEO of @InspireBrands. There are no #Arbys in Maui. I want franchise information.

We want to say: We have the meat … #ForThePeople

– John Morgan (@JohnMorganESQ) February 24, 2021 Orlando minimum wage increase attorney and activist John Morgan received a meat tracksuit from the fast food chain Arby’s and took to Twitter on Wednesday to see its new splendor to demonstrate.

On the Twitter video posted Wednesday morning, Morgan broadcast live to followers from his vacation home in Maui, excitedly modeling his new Arby logo hat “We Got the Meats” (with one leg pulled up) and a Jamocha shake, Honolulu beef ‘n cheddar sandwich and french fries courtesy of Arby’s.

Based on the helpful clarification that he is “not Pharrell”, Morgan raved about his new threads and eating habits, called the food “delicious all round” and apologized to Arby’s.

This amiable move brings a smoldering feud between Morgan and Arby to bed after Morgan posted an earlier Twitter free run video on Feb.1, assuming Arby’s parking lots were broadly empty and colorful wondered about their business model.

“How the hell do you stay in business?” asked he. (Arby’s corporate account later responded with a complaint, “Why the hate?”)

But Maui had a lot of good vibes and meat-themed clothing on Wednesday.

“What I want to say to Arby’s is – I apologize, your food is delicious” before you post the video with a request for franchise information in Maui and a tagline mashup of “We have the meat … for the people” shut down.

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