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Letters: A time of self-financing would show the Scots the reality of independence

SIR – According to the government, Scotland will spend £ 129 per person for every £ 100 spent in England this fiscal year. The Barnett formula will result in approximately £ 38 billion going to the Scottish Government from UK taxpayers. It is difficult to see how the promise of billions of pounds in investment for faster rail links from Glasgow to London (report May 2nd) will affect Scottish voters. Such money could be better spent on free welfare at home and tuition fees in England – benefits Scots already enjoy. Instead of wooing Scotland with money we can’t afford, perhaps Boris Johnson could offer the SNP a trial period of self-financing should it win the upcoming elections. How long would the Scots wait before deciding that they are better off in the Union? Julia Leith Crewe, Cheshire SIR – Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP want another referendum on Scottish independence that would affect the entire British population. The Prime Minister should not waste his time negotiating handouts, but rather tell the SNP chairman: “Yes, provided the referendum covers the whole of the UK, including dependencies and ex-pats, the results are binding and the SNP does the bill including additional costs such as advertising for the entire exercise. “That should clarify the argument as to whether the Scots need English or vice versa. Norman Baust Fareham, Hampshire SIR – Surely there are enough good reasons to keep the Union without resorting to bribery? Janet Stukins Blencogo, Cumbria SIR – Nicola Sturgeon seems to take it for granted that Scotland would leave the UK and join the European Union immediately without any interruption of independence. What did Ms Sturgeon learn from the EU, for example about a probationary period or the use of the euro? What about border controls with England? We certainly need some answers before the elections. Judith Beeley Keighley, West Yorkshire


Janet Smith