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Oklahoma’s meals trade is getting ready for main unrest


I’ve lost the number of charity events I’ve attended in nearly a dozen years that cover local gastronomy. Regardless of the charity, everyone has had support from the full spectrum of food service and hospitality experts.

Look, the idea of ​​people getting back to their kitchens makes me feel warm (but not feverish) inside. But don’t let the revival of your love affair with fondue, steak fingers or chicken fricassee forget the people who loved the taste in the first place.

I speak from the villain’s gallery to kitchen creatives and food-focused entrepreneurs who are the foundation of the local food culture. The people who bring us together, but seldom bring together enough wealth to acquire the kind of political power necessary to ensure majority stake in the upcoming bailouts. It will take a campaign by hungry grassroots people to support everyone. Perhaps this is where Oklahoma’s annual basic feeding comes in handy on those fancy healthy eating lists.

Optimism for victory!