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Last updated on Wednesday, February 3rd 2016, 2:17 pm by Denis Chabrol

Secretary of State Joseph Harmon (center) in talks with Canadian Hall of Fame footballer Alex Bunbury, while New York-based coach Stanley Harmon (left by Minister Harmon) and from right; Productivity coach, Ms. Alicia Nichols and financial advisor for the project Mr. Les Logston watch. (GINA photo).

The Minister for Natural Resources and Government Spokesman Raphael Trotman has confirmed that the government has made no commitments to an architectural firm in Orlando to design a new sports complex.

Amid reports in international media that the company will be responsible for designing the multi-million dollar complex in Georgetown.

Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. said it was in the final stages of designing the future home of the Guyana Sports Complex.

“The master plan creates a real goal and exciting experience for visitors, spectators and athletes, while also creating a framework for sustainable legacy development,” said Tim Baker, Principal of Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. “This expansion project will be a central hub for athletics and offers world-class amenities for fans as well as state-of-the-art resources and spaces for athletes to learn, exercise and live.

The company later clarified that neither the Guyanese government, Alex Bunbury nor ABSAA had indicated that the Guyanese government had already approved the project.

When interviewed by Demerara Waves on Wednesday, Trotman understood that no commitments had been made to either the company or Bunbury on the matter.

“I am not aware of any commitments from the government,” Trotman later said, adding that the government has endeavored to provide its support in this arena in every possible way.

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