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Most Profitable OSRS Bosses for Farming Gold

Sep 1

The bosses in Old School RuneScape are a great source for profit, but they're not easy to take down. We will be looking at the top bosses who can net you some nice profits by overcoming their difficult battle. If you want to buy OSRS Gold or take advantage of the loot dropped by these tough battles, this guide is not focused on that - it's just about how you might earn gold from taking them out!

Best OSRS Bosses for Gold Farming

Here are the best OSRS bosses for gold farming according to most OSRS players.


Zulrah is a boss that offers high hourly rewards. He was nerfed multiple times, but he still remains one of the most notable bosses in-game due to his difficulty and unique mechanics. To fight this giant snake, you must have completed the Regicide quest; Zulrah will present himself with four phases for players to battle through so it doesn't come easy! This creature requires good equipment and skillsets like Ranged or Magic skill when fighting him because if not executed properly then there's no hope of getting past these stages without dying which would take away all your rewards as well as progress.

If you want to defeat Zulrah quickly, then a Twisted Bow is your best option. It provides a full range and can help save money on Zulrah's drops too! Defeating him yields just shy of 3 million GP minus expenses for arrows or runes per hour.


Zalcano is not your typical boss, as those who come to face him better have their runecrafting, mining, and smithing skills on point. Players will want all three of these at level 99 in order to defeat Zalcano successfully; however, having Crystal Pickaxes for Mining has its advantages. With this pickaxe, you can expect more Zalcano kills which means greater OSRS GP yield per hour--a win-win situation no matter what happens.

Make the most of your game time and strive for success with a crystal shard conversion. You can make Divine potions or use them to open an enhanced Crystal chest where you may find Dragonstone armour that is worth 5,000,000 GP.

The Crystal tool seed is one of the most profitable drops in Zalcano. You can kill it 20 times per hour, and each kill will net you about 162,000 OSRS GP.


When it comes to Kree’arra, there is a way in which you can increase the amount of gold and kills that are obtained per hour. This includes using Black Chinchompas along with Blood Barrage as this will be incredibly effective if soloing an attempt at him. The area of effect that these have allows for your attacks to hit multiple enemies simultaneously, making them more efficient when trying not only to defeat nearby opponents but also kill those near the boss himself. These two combined mean faster success against Kree'Arra meaning quicker completion time overall.

Though more costly, it will increase the number of kills you can get each hour. You are also likely to find additional item drops and pets from this encounter! At 269,000 GP per kill, you have the chance to make 20 kills an hour. However, most of your profit will be coming from Armadyl Chestplate and Chainskirt which can earn 41 million or 34 million respectively.