March 16 bond listening to subsequent within the killing of Ex-Saint’s Star | Oklahoma Information


NEW ORLEANS (AP) – A decision on how much the bond will be for the man who fatally shot former NFL star Will Smith after a traffic accident in 2016 will be made later this month, a judge in New said Orleans on Thursday.

Cardell Hayes was sentenced to 25 years in prison for manslaughter and manslaughter for injuring Smith’s wife Racquel. However, a jury’s verdict was not unanimous and has since been declared unconstitutional.

Hayes could get a much lower bond than the $ 1 million bond that was set for him in 2016 when he was charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. First assistant district attorney Robert White requested a loan Thursday on the jury-returned manslaughter and attempted manslaughter charges, despite saying prosecutors will try to re-convict Hayes on second degree murder and attempted second degree murder charges that he is on was originally faced.

After Thursday’s bond negotiation, Judge Camille Buras rescheduled the next hearing for March 16, asking if Hayes could be retried on the original charges.

White noted a case in neighboring Jefferson Parish with similar problems: Ronald Gasser was charged with second degree murder in 2008 when Joe McKnight, a local high school soccer star who also played in the NFL, was shot dead. That too followed a traffic dispute.

A jury came back with a 10-2 ruling on manslaughter, which was later thrown. A state judge recently ruled that Gasser could only be tried again for manslaughter and not for murder. Prosecutors there said they would appeal.

Hayes insisted he shot Smith in self-defense. Attorney John Fuller advocated low bondage, saying Hayes was neither dangerous nor a risk of flying, noting that he had not escaped from the scene of the shooting.

Racquel Smith, who made a statement through Zoom, said she had been harassed on social media since the conviction by Hayes’ supporters and that her children were afraid of Hayes.

“Now I have to look at this man who wants to run free,” said Smith, who was shot in both legs as Hayes watched, also on Zoom. “He deserves the highest bond available. He deserves to be treated for murder. “

Hayes insisted in court that he fired after a drunk, angry Smith pulled a gun from his car and shot it first. But Hayes was the only witness who said Smith held a gun or fired it. A pistol was found unused in Smith’s car loaded but unused.

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