Lady charged in Capitol Riot “Languishing” in Orlando Jail


ORLANDO, Fla. – A Dunnellon woman associated with the Oath Guardians’ far-right militia group and charged with participating in the January 6th Capitol riot has requested release from an Orlando prison.

What you need to know

  • Dunnellon woman, charged in an attack on the Capitol, seeks release from Orlando Jail
  • Attorney: Connie Meggs is essentially staying in Orlando Jail for being unable to remove the wedding ring
  • Meggs and her husband were charged last month with helping coordinate the Capitol attack

Connie Meggs, 59, “languishes” in jail for not being able to remove her wedding ring and for not being allowed to fly to Washington DC while wearing it, attorney David Anthony Wilson wrote in a trial Tuesday in which he requested her release before Process.

Meggs and husband Kelly Meggs were charged last month with helping to plan and coordinate the attack on the U.S. Capitol in which supporters of then-President Donald Trump tried to overthrow the election of Joe Biden.

The two were in separate prisons in Orlando last week when the authorities took Connie Meggs – originally detained in Central Florida – for “onward transport” to Jacksonville International Airport, Wilson wrote in his court record.

Wilson wrote that his client “was denied boarding because she was wearing her wedding ring, which apparently cannot be removed above the knuckle on her ring finger.”

“She was then returned to the Orlando, Florida prison, where officers refused to cut the ring from her finger. To this day she languishes in this facility. “

It is unclear why she is not allowed to fly while wearing her wedding ring.

Authorities transported Meggs’ husband to Grady County, Oklahoma, and then to the Washington, DC area, where he awaits his first trial, Wilson wrote on his file.

In his pre-trial call for release, Wilson wrote: “Since Ms. Meggs cannot be transported while wearing the wedding ring, which she cannot remove herself, and neither can the prison, there does not appear to be a definitive time frame within which she will be May appear before this court should she remain in custody. “

“She is in limbo, deprived of her liberty, and cannot even appear in court to prepare a defense against the charges against her, which she desperately wants to do,” he wrote.

Wilson also wrote: “While she allegedly prepared for combat by wearing certain protective clothing, there is no claim that she owned any type of weapon.”

He noted a previous judicial denial of a pre-trial release request.

According to authorities, Kelly Meggs heads the Oath Keepers’ Florida chapter. In December he wrote in a Facebook message, according to court documents, “Trump said it was going to be wild !!!!!!! It will be wild !!!!!!! He wants us to do it WILD, that’s what he says. He called us all to the Capitol and wants us to go wild !!! ”

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Janet Smith