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Lady beheaded in assault on Oklahoma Meals Plant


Police officers said Mr. Nolen recently converted to Islam. References to Islam began on a Facebook page that appears to be his own in April 2013 and he called himself Jah’Keem Yisrael. The site is full of criticism of American culture and dire warnings for those who do not follow that religion.

“These are the last days,” he wrote in his last post on Tuesday. In another in July he wrote: “AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE EVIL. WAKE UP MUSLIMS !!! ”

Mr. Nolen grew up in Idabel, Oklahoma, and often had lengthy absences in elementary school as he jumped from family member to family member, recalled a former friend, Ryan Impson. At Idabel High School, where the main occupation was fishing and playing sports for the Idabel Warriors, Mr. Nolen appeared to be a normal teenager who played defense on the soccer team and was a putter on the track team.

“He didn’t want any problems,” said Mr. Impson, an engineer who said he lost sight of Mr. Nolen years ago. “He’s just done his job. We have always been fun. He wasn’t an outcast, he didn’t cause any problems, he wasn’t a troublemaker or anything. “

The police learned of the attack when it was still underway at 4:05 p.m. on Thursday through an emergency call from the factory. “We have someone attacking someone in the building,” a man who remained remarkably clear and calm told the 911 operator, a record of the call showed. “You are in the front office of the building. We can hear a lot screaming. “The man told someone else to close and lock a door,” We know he’s loose. He stabbed someone. “Then shots can be heard in the background.

Mr. Lewis, the police spokesman, said Mr. Vaughan was “obviously a hero in the situation” and saved Ms. Johnson’s life. “This guy definitely wouldn’t quit,” said Mr. Lewis. “He didn’t stop until he was shot. He was still attacking Traci when he was shot. “

It appeared that Mr Nolen had no relationship with any of the victims, he said.

“It seemed accidental,” said Mr. Lewis. “He wasn’t targeting anyone, wasn’t specifically after them. It seems they were only in his way when he walked in. “