Emirates announces new flights to Orlando in June


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The pandemic has challenged both travelers and tour operators alike. While travelers are confined to their homes and unable to fly to the destinations they have dreamed of for months, airlines have also had to land several of their planes, with flights being canceled and route frequencies cut due to the lack of tourists.

In the flood of negative travel information, however, there are sometimes positive stories to be found. Emirates contributed one of them and announced this week that their flights to Orlando will resume in June – a sign that things are getting better. Here’s more about the announcement.

Emirates resumes Orlando Travel – information for travelers

Emirates currently operates more than 60 weekly flights to and from various cities – including Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco and Newark – and can easily connect travelers to other cities in the USA due to its codeshares with JetBlue and Alaska.

Emirates 777 airplane

However, starting June 2, the airline will be welcoming another city to its collection of US destinations – Orlando. Emirates offers flights to and from Orlando four times a week. A plane takes off from Dubai at 8:55 a.m. and arrives in Orlando at 4:30 p.m. The return plane leaves Orlando at 9:00 p.m. and arrives in Dubai the next day at 7:10 p.m.

Welcome to Florida

The announcement of the resumption of this route shows confidence that demand for the route is returning and that this summer travel may return to its highest level since the pandemic first spread in the US.

Emirates flight

Emirates is synonymous with a smooth and luxurious flight experience and has received countless awards in recent years, including multiple best airline. Despite being the market leader, it has suffered badly from the pandemic.

Emirates crew

Emirates through Pandemic – What travelers should know

As expected with a drastically reduced volume of flights, it has been a difficult year for the UAE airline from a financial perspective. The analysis halfway through the 2020-2021 fiscal year showed that sales were down 75%. While the airline flew to 161 destinations in 85 different countries before the pandemic, it was revealed this week that it now flies to 90 destinations, with just 610 flights a week departing from Dubai.

Emirates Dubai

However, the airline hasn’t exactly stood still despite financial troubles – it has made strides to regain the trust and support of its customers. Emirates was selected with Etihad Airways to test the IATA passport app. The first phase of testing was expected to begin on April 1 in a test that would allow passengers to share their Covid-19 test results with the airline prior to arriving at the airport, which will then provide the customer details upon check-in loads system. The airline also offered free hotel nights for passengers traveling through Dubai.

Emirates is offering employees a month of unpaid vacation amid coronavirus

Emirates has also taken other steps to ensure customers feel safe flying. Every Emirates crew currently flying has been vaccinated. They also put stickers with social distance on the floors around the check-in counters and equipped the desks with antimicrobial protective grids. Passengers are also given free hygiene kits with gloves, a face mask, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer.

Emirates plane

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