Dems introduce law against Sanctions President Juan Orlando Hernández, cutting aid to the Honduran police and army


A group of Democratic members of Congress this week introduced the Honduran Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Act. The law imposes sanctions on Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández and suspends US security assistance and weapons to the Honduran police and military.

This is because Hondurans continue to flee the difficult social and economic conditions at home. However, many are not given the opportunity to apply for asylum once they reach the United States. 85 Honduran migrants were deported from the United States on Wednesday

Doris Pacheco Hernandez: “Yesterday I was deported at 5 pm for no reason. I was not told that I would be deported. Nothing. I was suddenly asked to get ready in five minutes. I was told I would be picked up and taken to the airport at 3am. Then I was deported. “


Janet Smith