Common Orlando On-line Retailer now presents WWoHP merchandise


By Hanako M. Ricks Are you one of the thousands of Harry Potter fans who wish they could just Apparate to Orlando to visit Hogwarts, but currently can’t? Do you wish you could have access to the official wares that are only sold in the village of Hogsmeade? Now you can, courtesy of the Universal Orlando online store, which now has a section on the wizarding world of Harry Potter on its website.

The WWoHP page is divided into four sections: Dervish and Banges, including house robes for all four houses, drawstring bags, collectibles, and selected toys; Filch’s Emporium includes beautifully crafted molded jugs, robe journals, lanyards, and lapel pins. Ollivander’s, which has a nice selection of wands (although none of the character wands); and the Owl Post, which features Hogwarts stationary, Hogwarts-encrusted leather goods, and Hedwig-inspired collectibles.

Please see the links provided for photos and full descriptions of all items.

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Janet Smith